Slow Down!

Your baby’s visual abilities are very limited her first couple of months. In addition to only being able to see 8-12 inches in front of her face, she has very little control over using her eyes in tandem; that’s why you will see them wander or cross.

While she’s working hard to get both eyes to work as a team and focus, help her explore her world. Introduce objects to her by holding them within 8-12 inches of her face. Hold the object very still so baby can focus on the details, and don’t forget to name the objects so she knows what she is looking at!

As she gets the hang of focusing on movement, you will notice her eyes following the objects as you pass them in front of her. You can also try locking eyes with her while moving your head slowly from left to right, and watch as she’s mesmerized by your eyes and head movement.

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