I Can Do It Myself

Your child may have only just reached her first birthday, but she may already be trying to do everyday tasks on her own. Some young toddlers like to try to lift a regular cup to their mouth and drink like an adult. Of course, if there is liquid in that cup, the result is likely to be messy. Although this may be messy and a bit frustrating for you, this is the first sign of your child’s burgeoning independence.

Trying to drink from her own cup is the first of many things to come that your child will probably want to do all own her own. Toddlers are notorious for going through a stage where they want to try to do everything adults do–drinking from cups, using utensils, even pouring milk. This is a great sign that your child is curious and engaged with the world around her.

It can be a trying time for you as a parent, however. The key is to try to encourage her skill development, but in safe ways. You could try putting a couple of sips of water in a cup for her to try drinking on her own. Maybe you could allow her to pour a small amount of milk over a sink or bowl so the mess is limited. She will most likely become frustrated at this new task and you can use that as an opportunity to encourage and offer a little help.

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