How To Stimulate Through Song

No matter what age or stage in life you are, music stimulates your brain. Whether you love the music, or hate it, you still stop to listen and feel one emotion or another. This instant reaction to music begins at birth. Remember when your newborn was tired and inconsolable, and all it took was a simple lullaby to dry those tears. Well, get your vocals back out, but this time sing ABC’s and other toddler favorites to help boost language development.

Regular sing-alongs offer many language and social skill benefits. Add in hand gesture during Itsy Bitsy Spider to really captivate your audience and boost fine motor skills when he mimics the gestures. You may already notice your little one perking up when you recite the ABC’s or sing Mary Had A Little Lamb. Whatever the song, music genre, or silly act you find yourself in while singing, it will be very much appreciated by your soon to be little talker.

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