Go Get It

Getting baby to use her arms and legs prepares her to walk. Try to discourage her from the ‘bottom shuffle’ (baby sits on her bottom and scoots without using legs). Babies that bottom shuffle tend to walk later than babies that crawl. We want to encourage her to get up on her knees and use her arms to propel herself forward. A typical crawl is left hand, right knee, right hand, left knee.

Encourage her to push herself up on her arms and knees- this action strengthens her arms and legs. Dangling a favorite toy above her head is a good way to motivate her to move. You can make it fun by creating an obstacle course around the room and let her chase you. Try using pillows and sofa cushions. This will help to improve her confidence, speed, and agility. Always stay with baby during activity (a crawling baby is a mischievous baby). Crawling is good exercise for both of you.

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