Fun-Land At Home

Your toddler probably loves to climb and bounce.She might be in heaven at one of those indoor playgrounds with inflatable bounce houses and 20-foot slides. But why pay a hefty entrance fee and battle throngs of big kids when you can make your very own Fun-Land right in your living room?

At this age, your toddler will have just as much fun at home, and may even enjoy being in a familiar environment as she explores what she can do with her developing muscles.

Some things you will need are items that your toddler can climb, bounce, sit, stand, and jump on. Try couch cushions, pillows, a booster seat, a large cardboard box, and a big plastic storage container.

First, clear the room. Remove anything with sharp corners, and push toys to the side. Then set about designing your indoor playground. Turn the storage container upside down and place it in front of the couch so that your toddler can practice climbing. Put several flat couch cushions on the floor for bouncing.

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