Family Photos

Your child is continuing to learn at breakneck speed and his language is going through a developmental spurt right around now.

This is a good time to help your toddler to get to know his relatives by letting him play with photographs. Who knows? When your mom comes to visit, your toddler might just warm her heart by crying out ‘Grandma!’ when she walks through the door (but don’t count on it). That’s ok, she will warm up faster if she knows what she looks like ahead of time.

What you will need are photos of your immediate family, and glue, scissors, and cardboard.

Cut into pieces slightly larger than the photos. Stick the photos on the cardboard. This will help keep them safe from little fingers.

Join your toddler on the floor or at a table. Be sure and let her help and name them as you paste. Keep the photos in a box so she can pull them out and talk about them. You can say ‘Honey, can you find Aunt Nancy?’ She will love it.

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