Baby’s Turn to Clean

Eager to please and impress you, you may have already noticed your toddler trying to be ‘helpful.’ While his helpfulness may lead to bigger messes. and simple tasks turning into difficult and frustrating ones, it’s important for your toddler’s development that you stand aside and let him try.

Having the responsibility to complete simple tasks helps children develop a sense of independence and accomplishment. Not to mention, the huge self-esteem boost when he hears your cheering for his accomplishment.

Your toddler’s desire to help will not last forever, so use this time to incorporate helpful habits that will last a lifetime. Show him the importance of a clean room, tidy toys, and other activities that you normally do that he can accomplish on his own. If you notice him struggling to complete the task, offer a helping hand, but don’t take over altogether. The goal is to get your toddler used to helping around the house, or at the very least, cleaning up after himself (finally!)

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