Are You Close By?


Clinging onto a parent in a strange situation is a common behavior among all children into adolescence. The clinging is a child’s natural response to uneasiness. While seeking refuge in the arms of a caregiver, positive chemicals are released into the brain producing secure feelings of well-being.

It’s important to understand that constant clinging is not an act your baby does with naughty intentions. He is feeling unsafe for one reason or another, and needs reassurance from you. To combat constant clinging, prepare your child for any potentially scary, or new, situations. It’s important to talk through the situation, then once there, be attentive and receptive to your child’s fears and needs.

Whatever you do, DO NOT try to drop your child off and sneak away when they’re not looking. This will create unnecessary fear and anxiety in an already scary situation. Before leaving, it’s important to shower your child with love and affection and explain that you will be back soon. At the same time, don’t prolong the goodbye. Focus in being short, sweet and reassuring. This is a time for trust building, so make sure you are receptive to your child’s fears at all times.

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