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Eye To Eye

Babies respond best to parents who make eye contact with them. Always get your baby’s attention before talking to them or playing games. Your baby needs your help so he can begin to develop a love of language. When you make eye contact and talk to him about his world, you are teaching him new words. It is a crucial way to develop language and bond at the same time.

Sit in a comfy chair with baby swaddled in your arms. Speak his name and get his attention. He won’t understand the words but he does know your voice. Keep the eye contact- talk to him, coo and sing. Talk about things in his world. Tell baby a story using your animated voice. Keep his attention by smiling, telling him how important he is, and how much he is loved.

Social Referencing

Your baby is showing a huge cognitive leap when she begins to respond differently to strangers than familiar people. She may seem more serious, or less relaxed with strangers; maybe even show very apparent discomfort. She’ll be looking to you for emotional signals to know if something is safe or not. This is what psychologists refer to as social referencing.

Throughout this time, your baby will look to you for reassurance in confusing or unfamiliar situations. For example, when an unfamiliar person approaches, your baby may cling very tightly until she sees your kind, relaxed interaction with the stranger. Another area social referencing plays a huge role in, is when dropping off your child at daycare. He will pick up on your fears and become upset. During this time, be reassuring, comforting and patient, while he develops a sense of trust and understanding for his environment and unfamiliar guests.