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What Are Tantrums All About?

Many people think toddlers tantrum because they haven’t learned self-control. Is this really true?

Common myths:

  • Crying and raging cause stress
  • Tantrums are misbehavior that should be ignored or punished
  • Toddlers manipulate through crying and tantrums
  • Young children’s brains aren’t equipped to handle strong emotions

Research shows:

  • Crying and raging release stress
  • Stress and trauma (not crying and raging) can negatively affect thinking and learning
  • Children who are allowed to cry or rage when upset, and are accepted for doing so, become more successful learners

Crying while being accepted and listened to, safe in the presence of loved ones, helps children release stress. Research shows that tears release stress hormones from the body, and we all feel better emotionally after we ‘get it out!’

Think of it as communication. Your brilliant child knows what she needs and is thankfully still connected to her pure emotions! While it may seem difficult to accept her raging, your child will likely feel better afterwards, and you’ll create a strong bond by accepting her emotions!