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There is more to scribbling than meets the eye. The mere act of using a crayon demonstrates newly acquired finger and wrist dexterity, a good pincer grasp, and improving hand-eye coordination. Children have a powerful instinct to scribble, just as they do to walk. Unfortunately they aren’t praised the same because when a child scribbles it’s usually on a wall, so all she hears is her parent yelling ‘stop that!’ Her art work really needs to be encouraged, she is learning how to express herself. As random as your toddler’s scribbles may seem, they are the basis of every ALPHABET in the world. Get drawing!

Provide your toddler with a wide sturdy unwrapped batch of crayons and lots of heavy drawing paper. The parents who don’t give their children safe opportunities for scribbling are the ones who end up with a house full of graffiti. Keep a close eye on your child, because she will still put things in her mouth. Cheer on her work.

Let her tell you what it is, and when she does, comment “Wow! I can see that, it’s wonderful! Let’s make another one.” Or, “where should we hang this great art work?”