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My Baby Doesn’t Like Tummy Time

Does your baby still protest when you try to place him in tummy time? It is very important, but forcing is not recommended.

At 4, 5, and 6 months, your baby is gearing up for new ‘windows of opportunity’ – times when he’s most ready to learn new skills. His limbs need to interact with the floor so his reflexes can kick off and prepare him for movement. So do try again! Options are key:

  • Begin chest to chest. As you lean back or lie on the floor, your baby will be inclined forward–in tummy time!
  • Also try it in your lap or over your arm.
  • When you place him on the floor, begin on his side and roll him onto his tummy; when he’s done, roll him off his tummy.

If he protests, he’s trying to tell you something important! If he hasn’t spent much time yet on his tummy, he may need to get used to the experience. He may even find it scary. Rather than distract him, go slowly, listen to his cries of ‘this is new and strange, and I don’t like it,’ and investigate what might be making him uncomfortable.

For more tips, see www.enjoytummytime.com. If he continues fussing or doesn’t lift his head, check with a development professional.