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Up and Easy

Studies show that 50 percent of 8 month old babies can pull themselves up to a standing position with some support.

When learning to stand, your baby will need to use her arms to hold herself up on something and may be standing wide legged on her tip toes until she gets into the swing of things. During this time your baby will begin to use less arm support, and may begin to shift her weight from side to side. She will need to get used to moving and controlling her body in this new position. Soon she will be able to rotate her body around and use one arm for grabbing objects. She will also be able to reach down from a standing position to grab items off the floor.

Take a couple of baby’s favorite toys and put them towards the back of the couch. Help baby pull herself up the first few times. She may plop back down on her bottom. Be prepared to catch baby as she falls as it may frighten her.

Show her the toys and encourage her to grasp the couch and pull herself up. This can be a slow process. To alleviate frustration give her a boost on her bottom to achieve success a couple of times. After a few successes allow her to try alone.

Once she gets to her toys she will become distracted and stand by herself without realizing it.